Life IS the Mission

Stephen W. Shives


Runaway Campers started as a backyard project that quickly grew into a nationwide business. I was physically tired and mentally frustrated after a summer of unexpected business setbacks. I just wanted to take it easy for a month and build something fun and creative. The result was a mini camping trailer built out of some scrap bus parts, which sold on eBay in just 36 hours. From there, I decided to build a few more. And as they say, the rest is history. 

That may be over-simplifying it a bit. People often say they wish they would stumble onto an idea that would take off like this.

The Truth is: It didn't just happen overnight. All my bumps and bruises in business ventures over 40 years, have contributed to making it happen.

The Truth is: The first 6 years of business consisted of no less than 70-80 hours of work a week.

The Truth is: The greatest joy of the business is the people we are able to touch.

The Truth is: I thank God daily for the opportunites He has entrusted to me. If I don't give it my very best, I wouldn't blame Him for taking it all away.





She had no idea she was saying "I will" to: Seeing God work countless miracles while... Moving 9 times in 4 states; Building 6 homes; Getting passports stamped in 20 different countries; Having two awesome kids that make us look better than we are; Going flat-broke, to getting debt-free 4 times; and Pastoring a church. Marital bliss? How BORING would that be? We have had more peaks and valleys than the Rocky Mountains!

There have been days when we were smiling on the outside and well... less than happy on the in. Times when we had no idea how we would pay the electric bill, and too proud to ask for help. Times in the course of starting ten different businesses, we gave it our all and our all wasn’t enough. We’ve been lost in foreign countries; stranded on highways; robbed by thieves and betrayed by friends. Countless times, we've been in the trenches together and easily could have gone separate ways. But perfect love isn't a fairy tale, it is having Jesus at the center of your life, to bring you through every storm and over every mountain.



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