Stephen Shives

Candidate for Florida House State Representative District 27

"Let's Fight... for what's Right!"

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Florida House District 27 


I'm Stephen Shives, and I am a candidate for Florida State Representative, House District 27.

It is no secret our government needs help; and we need leadership with integrity; good morals; and common sense. I am not a politician. I'm not coming into this race standing on college degrees and polished speeches; I bring my experience as a man that has stayed the course in marriage for over 37 years and a father of two respectable grown children. I maintain a completely debt-free lifestyle; and I've built a nationwide business out of my backyard, from $300 and some scrap materials. 

I know what it takes to make it in the real world; and I've worked hard to set an example for the next generation. This is not a one man show; as your Representative, we will do this together and stand our ground in this state and our nation, for the things that matter most.

I'm Stephen Shives... Let's Fight... for what's Right!

2024 Elections:

Primary Election: August 20, 2024

General Election: Novemeber 5, 2024


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