Life IS the Mission

Stephen W. Shives

I like unique cars and trucks. They remind me of all the variables in life. They all start out new, but how they end up years and miles down the road, is a reflection of circumstances; owner care; appreciation; and weathering.


The Bible says, "Life is like a vapor... here today and gone tomorrow." (James 4:14) which is all the reason we should be making the most of it; appreciating it more; and making a positive difference every chance we get.


During one of my biggest struggles in life, through tears and frustration I prayed, "God, I just want to know my mission in life."


Almost immediately, I felt His reply... "Life! Life IS the mission. Live it in a way that people can see the joy I have given you and they will want it too. THAT is your mission."


Life is YOUR mission too... will you accept it?



I'm Stephen Shives, owner of Runaway Campers, a company that builds small camping trailers in Florida. I have a saying that I often share with our customers, "It's all about the journey." This site is one of the ways I can share my journey with you, so THANK YOU for taking a few minutes to be a part of it. Looking back over the past 50+ years, I can see how God has opened (and closed) doors of blessing in my life. My experiences may not be exactly as yours, but like most people I have encountered hurt; betrayal; depression; failure; marital problems; financial struggles; ridicule; and the feeling I wasn't good enough. Through it all, I learned that God always has a plan and it is up to us to trust Him even when it looks like things are hopeless.



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